16-Bit Action RPG CrossCode Leaves Early Access Sept. 20

Radical Fish Games‘ CrossCode has lived in the limbo world of Early Access starting May of 2015, and since then has garnered an “overwhelmingly positive” response from the Steam community. On September 20, CrossCode will at last release in full– SNES-inspired graphics,  hostile cyborg crabs, and all. CrossCode is a 2D action RPG starring Lea, a mute gamer from the distant future that finds herself in a mysterious MMO. (Games inside of games… we smell “Inception” on this one.) CrossCode describes itself as thus on its Steam page:

“Take the best out of two popular genres, find a good balance between them and make a great game. That’s what CrossCode does. And it works pretty well. You get the puzzles of Zelda-esque dungeons and are rewarded with the great variety of equipment you know and love from RPGs.”

Skills, loot, quests, combat, puzzles… CrossCrode promises to have it all, and a little more, to boot. Its charmed reception from Steam gamers gives it a serious leg up when convincing us of how spectacular it will be, and we look forward to seeing it in all its 16-bit completed glory come September 20.