Stylized 3D RPG The Greater Good Releases Oct. 23

Just in time for those of us who prefer hiding behind closed curtains from trick-or-treaters to joining in the Halloween festivities, The Greater Good releases on PC October 23 from developer Sam Enright. Developer, publisher, and music producer all in one, Sam Enright is truly a one-man band, and his The Greater Good is a testament to his unusual style and gripping dedication. The indie is self-described as a:

“…fast-moving, cinematic RPG featuring stylized 3D graphics and an original, explosive soundtrack. Meet hilarious friends and make not-so hilarious enemies as you traverse a fully-realized, handcrafted world. Created entirely by one person out of love for classic turn-based RPGs.”

Turn-based gameplay is promised, along with a New Game Plus mode after the initial story is completed. The Greater Good draws inspiration from titles like Chrono Trigger, and we look forward to seeing how this head-turning, solo-developed indie adds to the modernization of the classical RPG genre.