Minecraft-esque RPG Boundless Releases in Full Sept. 11

Don’t hate the Minecraft clone before you take it out to dinner and get to know it a little. Why? Because you could miss out on some truly exceptional titles like Boundless, studio Wonderstruck‘s upcoming sandbox gem. Boundless has been in Early Access since 2014, and was announced on July 24 of this year to have a final release date: September 11, just a few short days away.

Boundless is a sandbox MMO that allows you to mold the world around you entirely to your own tastes. You have the ability to open portals between planets to explore new biomes across your universe, and you can customize your gameplay to suit your own desire. Work together with real-life players to found a civilization, or lead a purely nomadic life wherein you hunt rare monsters and sleep exclusively under the stars. Base-building, crafting, resource-gathering… you name it, Boundless has it.

Boundless will release on PS4 and Steam, but never fear — they’ve already provided for cross-console gameplay. Square Enix is publishing Boundless for the PC, while Wonderstruck is self-publishing for the PS4.

When Square Enix puts their stamp of approval on a title, you know you’re looking at something bound to be special. Look for Boundless on Steam and PS4 come September 11.