Casual Indie Camp W Releases on Steam July 25

Developer Psyop‘s casual visual novel releases on Wednesday, July 25 for the enjoyment of indie-loving Steam users everywhere. Camp W is a charming, hand-illustrated tale of a witch at a human summer camp. You, the witch, have a variety of choices to make as you navigate the complicated path of hiding your identity while making new and enduring friendships. Said creative director Kelly Shay:

“What I’m most proud of are the characters that we created, who you get to meet and spend time with when you play. This is a game that is silly, spooky, and fun, but also full of heart. It’s about being a little bit weird, and discovering that, when you take a bunch of outsiders and put them together, it turns out that you’re all on the inside of your own community of weirdos, which people in the gaming and animation community already know is an absolutely spectacular group to be a part of. That’s who I think we are behind this game, and that’s who I hope finds and connects with Camp W.”

Camp W promises to offer endearing and highly casual gameplay coupled with delightful art and an original soundtrack. It launches on July 25 for $12.99, just in time to complement some real-life summertime fun.