Claymation Rocks a Rhythm in the New Demo for Starstruck: Hands of Time

It’s not often you get to string together more than two genres to describe the same game. For studio Createdelic’s Starstruck: Hands of Time, two genres simply isn’t enough. Defying all the rules of musty game descriptions, Starstruck: Hands of Time smashes everything from time travel to rhythm gameplay into one wildly colorful package with a punk-rock attitude. Starstruck: Hands of Time summarizes itself with the following:

“Starstruck: Hands of Time is a story-rich, genre-defying roleplaying rhythm adventure. Play guitar and explore a miniature diorama world as two guitarist claymation kids, and then help them progress by rampaging around their city as a giant destructive time-travelling hand.”

To prove the harmony of these seemingly discordant parts, Createdelic launched a demo on May 12 for PC. Called Starstruck: Prologue, this free teaser shows off the first act of the full game. A vibrant diorama set awaits your protagonists Edwin and Dawn, two talented kids tied to the destiny of their doomed planet. There’s no news as to a release date for the final version yet, but for now we are happy to have the Starstruck: Prologue to tune the real world out with.