Spring Beta Planned for Wayfaring Book of Travels

Humbly inhabiting the “TMORPG” (tiny multiplayer online roleplaying game) space, in-development Book of Travels looks to spin a small-scale adventure with grandly beautiful graphics. Sweden-based developer Might and Delight announced on February 13 their intended development journey for 2020, which begins with a beta planned for May and June. Book of Travels describes itself thus:

 “Venture out into a living, breathing fairytale world. Craft a character with its own unique personality and explore the open land however you choose. Set your own goals and shape your adventure alone or with the others you find in this serene online TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online).”

Hand-drawn Book of Travels holds no hands. Players are loosed into Braided Shore, a world bereft of traditional linear missions and limiting storylines. Collaborate with a chosen few or sally forth as a lone wolf in a landscape designed with the wayfarer in mind. Might and Delight intends to open early access for their TMORPG in October on PC, with no word yet on a date for the full release.