Retro WORLD OF HORROR Now Terrorizing Early Access

Do you feel the creeping tendrils of dismay? The slow approach of uncertainty–the oncoming rush of fear? WORLD OF HORROR, by Poland-based developer panstasz, is now available in Early Access, and its frosty touch has been sending goosebumps over the skin of horror fans everywhere. Studio panstasz summarizes its retro RPG thus:

“Experience the quiet terror of this 1-bit love letter to Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft. Navigate a hellish roguelite reality with turn-based combat and unforgiving choices. Experiment with your deck of event cards to discover new forms of cosmic horror in every playthrough. The inevitable awaits…”

WORLD OF HORROR has been in development by its solo creator for over three years. It’s being built in MS Paint and features a wealth of cosmic horror that’s music to the initiated’s ears. A demo has been and is still available, should you wish to dip your toes in its frigid and monster-infested waters before buying. Players have compared the gameplay to that of traditional tabletop board games, and given that it’s only in Early Access, more content is likely still to come. WORLD OF HORROR is currently available only on PC, but looks forward to a full release sometime this year on PC, PS4, and Switch.