Feb. 27 Release Date Announced for Deckbuilder Iris and the Giant

Strategic deckbuilding meets storybook whimsy in Louis Rigaud’s Iris and the Giant. On February 13, the official release date for this RPG card game was announced by publisher Goblinz Studio on Twitter, and the day is just a heartbeat away. Paris-based Louis Rigaud is a prolific and talented illustrator with a portfolio full of everything from interactive children’s books to educational videos. His latest project, Iris and the Giant, is summarized thus:

“Iris and The Giant is a fusion of the CCG, RPG and roguelike genres. You play as Iris, who must brave her fears in her imaginary world. Dive into a melancholic and gripping adventure, filled with cute monsters and buried memories. Ready to face your inner demons?”

Iris and the Giant‘s card collection is stuffed with 51 unique choices. Customize your playthrough using different combos in battles against adorably feisty monsters. Underneath this roguelike gameplay churns an emotional story about Iris, an intentional move on Rigaud’s part to ensure the title doesn’t neglect narrative in favor of gameplay. Iris and the Giant releases for PC on February 27, but a demo is currently available on Steam if you want to sample this delightful dish early.