New Rose & Locket Teaser Demo Delivers a Vibrant Promise

New Zealand-based studio Whistling Wizard has been leaving a Twitter trail of tantalizing Rose & Locket crumbles for many months now. With each new image and animation, the promise that Rose & Locket dangled steadily grew into a recipe for a gaming feast–we hoped. Now, with the launch of the alpha demo, we can finally sink our teeth into what has only ever been a distant dream. Whistling Wizard summarizes their upcoming title with the following:

“Rose & Locket is an action-adventure journey set in the Wild West. Follow Rose as she ventures into the Underworld to free the trapped spirit of her daughter.”

Rose & Locket‘s demo opened on February 4. It’s a small slice of what’s to come, proffering a succinct tutorial, simple gameplay, and a boss battle that speaks volumes. The voice acting is already well dialed in and the aesthetic is vibrant and fresh, culminating in a package that arrests both the eyes and the ears. It’s still very early for Rose & Locket, but the steady pace of Whistling Wizard’s progress is a welcome reminder that it is, indeed, coming. And when it comes in its final state, we’re wagering it won’t come quietly.