Katamari Damacy Creator’s Whimsical Wattam Arrives Dec. 17

Keita Takahashi, of Katamari Damacy fame, is launching his latest title at last on December 17. Wattam has been in development with studio Funomena since 2015, and has long tantalized Katamari Damacy fans with its promise of a whimsical aesthetic paired with familiarly zany gameplay. Wattam describes itself with the following:

“Immerse yourself in the creative mind of Keita Takahashi in Wattam. Explore a lonely world where everything has vanished and all seems lost. Play solo or same-screen co-op to help Mayor rediscover the joys of friendship, restore his lost memories, and reconnect with the world itself.”

Play as Mayor in this sandbox adventure–one that’s thickly populated with a cast of colorful and quirky characters. In a game that asks only as much of you as you’re willing to put in, there’s not much else to do but immerse yourself in the pleasure of simply having fun. Wattam is out for PS4 and PC on December 17.