Revive a Mountainside Retreat in Spring Falls, Available Now

Amidst the bleak onslaught of November’s bluster and drizzle, puzzler Spring Falls offers a warmly soothing retreat for the mind. Developed and published by Canada-based SPARSE//GameDev studio, Spring Falls enjoys the attentions of solo developer Eric Billingsley, previously the lead programmer on a little ol’ game called Cuphead. You may have heard of it. Spring Falls, Billingsley’s latest creation, is described thus:

“Spring Falls is a puzzle game about water, erosion, and watching things grow. Manipulate the landscape and bring wildflowers to life on a peaceful mountainside.”

A simple description suitable for a simple indie–a refreshing piece of minimalist poetry in the thick of overwrought epics. Spring Falls‘s 60 levels and meditative ambient soundtrack proffer a change of pace from the gritty triple-A titles also vying for your attention this holiday season. Spring Falls is out now on Steam and iOS.