Come 2020, Defy an Empire in Squad-Based RPG Star Renegades

Massive Damage‘s rogue-lite, universe-spanning RPG Star Renegades made a monumental splash at this year’s PAX East, drawing praise and attention from casual onlookers and professional critics alike. The Toronto-based Massive Damage studio is known for its 2017 Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander, another tactical RPG flaunting flawless pixel art. Star Renegades promises a triumphant take on the space strategy genre, combing squad-based combat with rogue-lite mechanics. Star Renegades describes itself with the following:

“From the makers of Halcyon 6 comes a challenging tactical rogue-lite RPG set in an endless interplanetary rebellion against an evil authoritarian empire. Lead a ragtag squad of rebels in their desperate fight against overwhelming odds and an evolving adversary.”

Star Renegades has a tentative release window of early 2020, and will at the very least land on Steam for PC. The campaign and its missions will be procedurally generated, offering new and challenging playthroughs at every fresh launch. Beware of evolving adversaries and events that’ll test your squad’s mettle as you strike your way into the cosmic flesh of the Empire. For news, keep a keen eye on the Massive Damage Star Renegade Twitter, which frequently posts new gameplay and video tidbits.