Medieval Feudal Alloy Announces Jan. 17 Release Date with New Trailer

Hot off the presses is Attu Games‘s announcement of Feudal Alloy‘s final release date: January 17. Based in the Czech Republic, studio Attu Games is a two-member effort made up of Lukas Navratil and Eva Balikova. Their latest combined achievement, Feudal Alloy, features a hand-drawn world swimming with fish-controlled robots. Said Attu Games on their Twitter less than a day ago:

“The launch trailer for our fish-controlled medieval-robots game #FeudalAlloy is out! The game’s arriving on January 17th on Steam, GOG and Switch.”

As stated on the Tweet, Feudal Alloy will enjoy a release on both PC and Switch. A medieval charmer boasting a unique mechanical twist on the action adventure genre, Feudal Alloy‘s launch is certain to be just what the doctor ordered for this dreary winter season.