New Customizable Mode for Dead Cells in Alpha Testing

On November 23, Motion Twin announced on Twitter a fresh new face planned for their already unbelievably stellar indie, Dead Cells. For those who’ve found Dead Cells to be a bitter pill to swallow regarding its challenging and deeply unforgiving gameplay, Motion Twin’s concocted a solution. Per their recent Tweet:

“Some say it’s the build of a coward.. We prefer calling it some “smart strategic thinking.” New, huge, update available in Alpha, jump in and give us some feedback on the news perks, weapons and overall balance!”

That’s right. You heard it, and it’s from the developers themselves. Dead Cells has gone and made itself…accessible? In an unprecedented move surely driven by a love for its community, Motion Twin has constructed an entirely new mode that allows players to customize their runs regarding equipment, rules, and so on. If you dropped Dead Cells like a hot potato the first time you got destroyed on a new level, now’s certainly the time to jump back in.

The build is currently in alpha, and it’s been released for the community at large to experience, enjoy, and provide feedback on in Steam. Other significant changes (also driven by community comments) include the following:

  • “Most mutations have been reworked & balanced in order to make some of them more useful.”
  • “The “mob auto-scaling” mechanic has been removed completely. All the levels now have a fixed “difficulty” that won’t adapt to you in weird ways anymore.”
  • “All the cooldown reduction mechanic has been redone from scratch.”
  • “Damage Reduction has been heavily reworked. Most items no longer grant DR anymore, their power has been increased as a compensation. Damage Reduction is not a mandatory strategy anymore and the whole game difficulty has been rebalanced accordingly.”

For a full list of changes, visit Motion Twin’s patch notes for Dead Cells. For Motion Twin to go to all the effort of restructuring and rebalancing an already critically acclaimed game simply to make it even greater — that’s nothing to sneeze at. Play Dead Cells on Steam to take a gander at these new updates before they go permanently live in their finalized form.