Atmospheric OMNO Heads to Kickstarter Nov. 1

Jonas Manke’s solo creation OMNO launches on Kickstarter on November 1, an announcement that has fans in a frenzy. OMNO, a third-person puzzle adventure, is in development by StudioInkyfox, a one-man venture headed by Manke. OMNO promises a superbly atmospheric experience, aesthetically reminiscent of thatgamecompany titles such as Journey and Flower. On October 16, OMNO‘s Twitter had this to say:

“Omno will be heading to Kickstarter on 1st November! All support & RTs super much appreciated.”

A newsletter is also available, for players interested in watching OMNO‘s development process. While still quite young, OMNO has the makings of an immersive indie which will proffer a world breathing and alive. Nothing is known yet about a launch date or planned consoles, but it’s likely we’ll at least see a Steam release… at some point.