Mesmerizingly Abstract Totem Teller Piques the Imagination

Australia-based studio Grinning Pickle isn’t saying much about their upcoming indie Totem Teller, but what has been released bears witness wholly unto itself. Totem Teller promises a wildly visual experience of abstract glitch art and narrative gameplay, as evidenced by the many flabbergasting screenshots and GIFs that have been published. According to the official presskitTotem Teller:

“…evokes the abstract, blissful and oft chaotic space that lies between imagination and realization. Guide a wandering muse on a transcendental search for storytelling inspiration. Discover and interact with a mishmash of broken characters and places drawn from folklore. Resolve and retell stories to change the world.”

There’s no release date. No definitive console announcement. Not even one proper trailer for us to root up and be gleeful over. There is one very brief mention of Totem Teller in the ID@Xbox E3 Games Montage for 2018 — but that’s about it. There’s so little to glean that our imaginations are stimulated more than ever regarding what Totem Teller will have in store for us when it does finally release. When the art is this good in an upcoming indie? It would be impossible to mind a little mystery, and a little waiting, for a time.