Apocalyse Cow Enjoying Massive Development Expansion Pre-Launch

When an indie gets delayed because the developer prioritizes taking a new idea and running with it to the finish line, you’ll never hear us complain. Apocalypse Cow, the terrifically promising arcade adventure, may not be available for our enjoyment for a long time yet– but when it does launch, it’ll be double the originally-intended size, and it’ll fulfill studio Monsters‘ wildest ambitions. In an update posted on Steam in August, developer Monsters had this to say:

“…in a moment of complete craziness we decided to follow an amazing idea and started a complete story rewrite. We are turning Apocalypse Cow into a very gripping storytelling experience, honestly one of the best storytelling Hollywood has to offer! And it’s been time consuming… We paused all marketing communications until we finalize the narrative, because everything is tied to it. Graphics, weapons, gameplay, everything. This marketing pause obviously hurts us but I really do hope that the end result will make up for our decision. One thing is certain: the game is now so much more and I’m terribly proud of it.”

Apocalypse Cow is a cinematic platformer that promises a hearty dose of comedy, fun, and explosions. You’ll have the ability to do things like freeze time and blow stuff up as you navigate your way through CandyWorld’s treacherous terrain. Apocalypse Cow does not yet have a release date, other than a simply stated “2018,” but it is planned for a Steam and an Xbox One launch. Some day.