AlPixel Games Announces Partnership with Kowloon Nights for A Place for the Unwilling

On September 13, AlPixel Games of the upcoming A Place for the Unwilling announced their new partnership with Kowloon Nights, an investment fund known for their developer-friendly model and their support of titles from big names like Fumito Ueda (director of The Last Guardian) to Teddy Dief (designer for Hyper Light Drifter). “Ludipe” of AlPixel Games announced on the Discord channel for A Place for the Unwilling the following:

“…It’s been hard to keep it a secret over the last months, but we now finally announce we’ve partnered with Kowloon Nights to make sure we can give “A Place for the Unwilling” all the love it deserves. You might not have heard their name, after all, they have been keeping a low profile until now. But their team includes people with lots of years of experience and they have the resources to help projects like ours. Their initial line-up features some huge names, like Fumito Ueda or Teddy Dief, as well as many other names that might not be as famous but are equally amazing. We are extremely proud of being able to work together and appearing right next to all those games…”

A Place for the Unwilling is tentatively, and ambiguously, planned for a 2019 release date on PC. It promises a narrative-driven experience through a living city that evolves as time progresses. Its art style alone is enough to intrigue a passerby, but the gameplay sounds like a perfect complement to an already visually stunning adventure. Any investment fund that recognizes the worth of a superb indie like this is a good investment fund in our book, and we look forward to seeing how A Place for the Unwilling flourishes under this new partnership.