Devolver Digital Reveals CatMechtroidvania Gato Roboto

Any new indie that features a monochromatic art style and pixel graphics must immediately turn to compete with Minit, released in April of this year. But, when both indies are published by the same company…? We seem to be in good hands. Devolver Digital dropped a release trailer on August 31 for Gato Roboto, a Metroid-inspired indie being developed by studio Doinksoft.

The trailer appears to feature a cat as the main character — a cat that finds itself in control of a mech suit. Elements of platforming, combat, and pure metroidvania fun are present in the announcement trailer, but very little is known about the game outside of the video. Even the Devolver Digital website itself seems to be devoid of the tantalizing details we’re starving for. The Doinksoft website? A black page with a logo. For now, at least.

Gato Roboto is planned for release on PC and Nintendo Switch, with a nebulous date of “2019.” It may be a long wait before we’re gunning down enemies as a kitty in a mech, but we’re pretty positive it’ll be well worth it.