Pre-Kickstarter Chained Echoes Has Magic & Mechs

Chained Echoes, a classically-stylized indie that hearkens back to the Japanese RPG days of yore, gave us a tantalizing taste of what’s to come in its teaser trailer dropped July 21. Turn-based combat, ridiculously nostalgic art and… did we see a mech in that trailer? … mech suits appear to be combined into a recipe for true gaming magic, if the teaser is to be trusted. According to the developing studio:

“The Grand Grimoire [previous game title] is still in early (like… really early) development for PC/Mac/Linux with plans to release the game additionally for PS4/XOne/Switch. A Kickstarter Campaign is scheduled to be released near the end of the year/beginning of next year.”

We don’t care how early it still might be. Our hearts are made full simply in knowing that indies like this are being created. Chained Echoes, at the moment, promises to have more loot, sidequests, and dungeons than our RPG-loving souls will know what to do with, and we’re highly intrigued by the addition of a mech storypoint and game mechanic, as traveling and fighting in mechs seems like it’ll be an option.

A Kickstarter campaign should be coming this winter for Chained Echoes, but in the meantime, watch for news and updates from their Twitter account.