Do Some Co-Op Summertime Stealth in Aragami: Nightfall

A cooperative-stealth combination isn’t something you often see done, much less done well, in the gaming industry. Thus, we have a great deal of gratitude owed to Lince Works, developer and publisher behind both Aragami and its DLC, Aragami: Nightfall. Avoid the malicious summer sun and settle into your gaming cave with a pal for some co-op back-stabbing and shadow-leaping in this Eastern-inspired indie pair.

Aragami is a third-person stealth entry where you play as an undead assassin that controls shadows, and its follow-up DLC Nightfall has you turning the clock back and instead playing as either Hyo or Shinobu, Shadow Assassins that are pursuing a mysterious Alchemist before the events of Aragami. Needless to say, if you haven’t already played Aragami, start there with your friend. It’s a much-lauded stealth indie that won fans in 2016 for its clean, clever gameplay and unique shadowy art.

Nightfall, as the 2018 follow-up, provides tantalizing details about the world of Aragami, and is heavily geared towards multiplayer action. You can play both entries by yourself, but, hey. It’s the summer. You’re definitely not the only one avoiding a serious sunburn. Snag a friend for either local co-op or online multiplayer, and dive into one of the few indie games that nails the look and feel of playing like a ninja perfectly.

Aragami and Aragami: Nightfall are available on the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, and both feature cross-platform multiplayer functionality. You really don’t have an excuse to not enjoy this one this summer.