Snowy New Demo for Scrap Story Unfolds March 9

Update (3/17): ScrapPaperDev has canceled Scrap Snow Story.

While snow and paper don’t exactly pair like peanut butter and jam in the real world, oh boy do they in the world of Scrap StoryScrap Story is a charismatic paper RPG that’s had fans enthralled with its development progress for years. Now ScrapPaperDev is releasing a wintry demo aptly entitled Scrap Snow Story, due out on March 9. The narrative has been summarized with the following:

“It was a quiet and snowy night like any other, until… a stampede of scrappy little critters charge into the village and cause a bunch of mischief. The little rascals even steal all the festive cakes for the upcoming snow festival and scamper off back to their fortress. This leaves the village with no choice but to cancel the annual snow festival making all the villagers very upset.”

Along with, well…snow, Scrap Snow Story features a new gardening mechanic, new solo battles, new weather and time mechanics, a new save system, and updates to things like villager interactions and abilities. More demos for Scrap Story are planned for the future, including what’s being called the Paper Prelude, which is slated for release sometime in late spring. ScrapPaperDev has stated that a full release may be possible in Q1 for 2021, but the development of the demos will help solidify the final date. In the meantime, grab your mittens and get ready to play in Scrap Story‘s new and wonderful winter wonderland.

Scrap Story Snow Demo