Preview: Thriller Double Melds Reality with Hallucination

Developed by TomatoFantasyGamesDouble is a new indie currently in Early Access on Steam. It probes the human psyche, taking strands of the real and entwining them with the false for a nightmare-scape delving deep into one man’s mind. Play as Carlos, a married man who wakes up in a  psychiatric clinic, plagued by violent dreams during the night and mind-altering pills during the day.

Double takes place during the 1950s Cuban Revolution, and Carlos is understood to have PTSD. His dreams proffer Double‘s shooter action sequences, in which you must evade enemies and successfully gun them down as you struggle to regain consciousness. In Double, you must remember the details of your nightmare, as your ability to memorize what’s happened affects your later gameplay.

Double is a take on the psychological thriller experience, blending horror with genuine human distress. It was released on November 16 in Early Access, and it’s uncertain whether any other console launches are planned for the full title.