Halloween Demo for Scrap Story Opens Oct. 31

We know little officially about the effervescently charming Scrap Story, a…scrappy… little indie featuring a heartwarming scrapbook visual aesthetic. This makes Scrap Story‘s Twitter announcement of a Halloween demo all the more peculiarly delightful, as eager fans will at last have the opportunity to try out Scrap Story‘s gameplay for themselves. On September 19, the Scrap Story Twitter account teased the following:

“Considering the idea of a teaser demo that would feature most core aspects of the game; simple combat, platforming challenges, and villager interaction. It would be released at the end of October as a Halloween treat. Interested?”

The response was immediate and enthusiastic: a resounding yes from Scrap Story followers. A short day later, Scrap Story announced:

“Thanks for the feedback everyone. Feeling pretty good about this, so let’s do this!”

Given the Halloween demo banner currently splayed across Scrap Story‘s Twitter and the adorable chibi Halloween profile picture, it’s safe to say we’ll have a demo of this spectacularly mysterious little indie come Halloween — just in time to add it to our ever-growing list of irresistibly spooky festivities.