Forgotton Anne Confirmed for Much-Deserved 2019 Switch Release

We knew that ThroughLine Games was looking into a Nintendo Switch release for their delectably Ghibli-inspired adventure, but the news is now final: Forgotton Anne will enjoy a Switch release sometime in 2019. Hardly could there be a more well-deserving title to grace the Switch, and the news is welcome to the extreme. ThroughLine Games boasts developers that studied under Studio Ghibli animators in Japan, and its willingness to indulge in a darker fairytale makes it a stand-out studio whose first title is a smashing success.

While we wait impatiently for their next hit entry, we can appreciate Forgotton Anne on the go with the Switch sometime next year. A more specific date hasn’t been released yet, but supposedly the price will remain the same regardless of your chosen console. Forgotton Anne is 2.5D hand-animated puzzle-platformer that proffers memorable characters, a unique setting, and a profound and cinematic storyline. If you haven’t experienced it yet, and you’re an anime fan on any level, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.

Read our interview with ThroughLine Games to get an insider’s perspective on their work, and watch for Forgotton Anne‘s Switch release come 2019.