Limited Run Physical Copy of Bastion Now Available for Pre-Order

Supergiant Games’ Bastion is now available for pre-order at Limited Run Games in a physical copy format for both the PS4 and the PS Vita. The 2011 indie RPG captured hearts almost a decade ago, and now intends to win new ones and jumpstart the old with its limited run of physical PlayStation versions. Steam also happens to be running an 80% off sale on the digital download, meaning that, for those of you who don’t care to have another hard copy on your shelf, you can grab Bastion for just $2.99.

Bastion is an action RPG that makes use of what it calls a ‘reactive narrator,’ a mechanic that makes note of your every move. Finishing the main story unlocks a New Game Plus mode that ensures future replayability, and the main mode has more than 40 primary environments that are all hand-painted. Bastion has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, and received a  striking 9.25 from Game Informer. Suffice to say, it’s well worth either the $2.99 digital download or the $24.99 physical format.

Supergiant Games is also responsible for the incredible Transistor and the landmark Pyre. If we’re lucky, the studio will team up with Limited Run Games once again to bring these titles to hard copy, as well.