Limited Edition Dave Perillo Cuphead Poster Now Available

Get it while it’s hot!

Cuphead Poster

If you’re as much of a Cuphead enthusiast as we are, you, too, will be delighted to hear that Studio MDHR has teamed up with Dave Perillo in the production and sale of an extremely limited set of posters. For the true collector purists, you’ll want the foil version — but for those of us satisfied with the almost-rare, make sure you snag the regular poster before it’s sold out.

Studio MDHR had this to say on Twitter: “Gosh! Check out this super limited edition Cuphead print by the wonderful Dave Perillo for Bottleneck Gallery.”

Cuphead is the smashingly successful run-and-gun indie designed and published by Studio MDHR. Even if you’re awful at muscle memory-focused games, it’s impossible to not at least appreciate Cuphead from a distance. Inspired by the classic cartoons of the 1930s, Cuphead is hand-illustrated and features original jazz recordings that meld into a deliciously unique and unforgettable experience.

Dave Perillo is Philadelphia cartoonist and illustrator. The poster in question is a fabulous work of art that any Cuphead fanatic would die to get their hands on, especially given the current lack of decent Cuphead loot on the market. Since this is a limited run, now is a better time than later — and later might turn into never, if you’re not careful. Godspeed.