ThroughLine Games Looking Into Switch Launch for Forgotton Anne

In a recent Twitter post, ThroughLine Games admitted that they were, in fact, looking into a port to the Nintendo Switch for Forgotton Anne, their anime-esque 2D visual splendor. Forgotton Anne combines the best elements of storytelling, art, and simple platforming, ultimately fusing into an indie that causes awe and meditative reflection.

In a response to the question of whether or not they plan to eventually release Forgotton Anne for the Switch, ThroughLine Games said:

“We’re looking into the Switch. :)”

We’ll take the addition of the smiley face as a positive nod towards how perfectly Forgotton Anne would suit the Switch’s current library of stellar indie ports. Given their mega-company backing courtesy of Square Enix, it would be surprising to not see this charming adventure hit Nintendo screens, at least by late 2019. Currently, Forgotton Anne is available on  Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.